Glass of wine or garden?

If you had the choice, would you rather garden 🏡or relax and enjoy a glass of 🍷 wine?  There are no wrong answers, but if you give an overwhelming yes to a glass of wine - we get it.  Our summers seems to fly by, and we won't judge you if you have empty planters mid summer ☀️ - again, we get it.   You want to prioritize summer excursions... eat a 🍨bowl of ice cream in peace, or go for a bike ride. 🚲 More time to yourself & with your friends and family ❤️is something a lot of us crave, but we want our homes to look Martha Stewart like too right?  Easy way to add curb appeal and a noticeable touch 👌to your home - fill your empty planters.  Just place a topiary ball (the key 🔑is, a believable high quality topiary ball) in your planters at your front door, 🚪planters in front of your garage 🏘️or beside your patio furniture, 🛋️and voila.  No watering, no pruning, no maintenance. More time for you. 


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