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Place a heavy object in your planter (sandbag, a cinder block or bricks). Tie or bungee cord the heavy object directly to your topiary ball.  Alternatively, you could add the heavy object to the inside of the topiary ball.

Click video below for details:

Video on how to secure your topiary balls to your planters

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer:  Yes.  Due to their immense size, we ship our topiary balls in halves to reduce the overall price.    First "fluff them", shape them with your fingers to look full and abundant.  To assemble, place one half topiary ball on top of each other, carefully lining up the fastenings.  Pinch together with pliers one fastening at a time.  Reinforce with zip ties provided.  Be patient, as they are totally worth the effort.  

Here is a video link to see Amanda explain the assembly process.  

Video on how to assemble your topiary balls

If it's windy, you have to secure your topiary balls.  Here is how to do that. 

Secure to your planter - Place a heavy object in your planter, like a sandbag, a cinder block or bricks.  Tie or bungee cord your topiary ball to your heavy object.  

 Video on how to secure your topiary balls to your planters

Secure to your planter that is filled completely with dirt or with a shallow opening - Add the heavy inside of your topiary ball.

Secure to the ground - Pound two landscaping stakes (tent pegs) beside your topiary ball.  Use long zip ties to attach the topiary ball directly to the top of the landscaping stake.   

Video on how to secure the planter to the ground

Yes, you bet.   We pay extra per piece to have all of our topiary balls UV protected at our factory.  This will increase the longevity and the vivid color of your topiary balls.

It's also a great idea to rotate your topiary balls annually for even wear.  

If your topiary balls are getting dusty, just take a hose to them!  They are made out of recycled plastic, so a bit (or a lot) of water won't harm them at all. If they have any larger debris like branches or leaves, just remove those first.

Yessssssssssss!!! That's the best part.  Your neighbours will love the year round added color, and so will you.  Our topiary balls are made of 100% recycled plastic, they are quite durable, and they are also UV protected for longevity. 

The topiary balls look really pretty with snow on them.   No need to brush them off, when it gets extremely cold, the plastic becomes brittle.  Let them be, let the snow melt off naturally for longevity.   They are made to be kept outdoors all year long, in all weather extremes.  

Oh Yahhhhh!!!!!  Hang them in the same places that you would a flower basket.  You have to attach your own string, chain or rope.  Attach to the strongest part of the ball, which is right where the two topiary ball halves meet in the center, the plastic is reinforced there.  Send us photos too! info@365curbappeal.com">info@365curbappeal.com

We ship free to USA and Canada.  

Most people love their new topiary balls and the impact they add to your home, therefore we receive very few returns.  If you are uncerain about the size of ball to order, watch this Cartoon explainer video.  You can always email us at www.365curbappeal.com with questions & we will help you feel confident about your purchase.

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