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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these for indoor or outdoor use?

Both. The beauty of using these spheres outside, is that they are green year round (for those of us that live in colder climates). For indoor use, they are an alternative to a plant with more style and personality. You are guaranteed to get lots of compliments (if you have cool friends).

Can I leave these outside year round, I have snowy winters?

Yep. These spheres have been coated with UV protection, and are plastic, they are made to withstand even a harsh Canadian winter. It's best to let the snow melt off naturally rather then brush it off when it is very cold and dry out.

How do I secure them to the ground?

Use gardening stakes or staples to secure them to the ground. Alternatively, you could simply add a brick or large rock inside for extra weight.

How long will they last?

For indoors - forever and ever amen. (Love Randy Travis). For outdoors 3-7 years. They will last a longer time if they don't have direct sun.

What size of planters do the spheres fit?

12 - 16 inch opening is best. You will find the spheres look quite different from a 10" to a 16" opening, but they all work. It's just a matter of the sphere sitting inside of or on top of the planter.

Where do you ship?

United States or Canada. Email us for a quote in a diferent country.

Do I have to assemble?

Yes. It will take you about 5-10 minutes per sphere. Most people can figure them out quickly on their own, your box will have assembly instructions.

Any tips for securing the spheres to my planter boxes?

Using heavy duty string (like fish wire) thread the string through the sphere and attach it to a brick. This added weight should make the sphere stay put.