Suspend your topiary balls

We know to fill our empty planters with topiary balls,  right?  How bout hanging your topiary balls just like you would a flower basket? 

- First add a hook, with enough space so that the ball dangles naturally in your space.  

- Use a chain, or cute rope & loop it directly through the topiary ball. It's important to tie to the center hard plastic part that joins the ball together, this is the strongest part of the ball. 

- Tie the topiary ball securely to your rope tightly so that the ball can easily withstand the changing winds.  

You'll be amazed the impact these make visually... especially high quality ones like ours with rich believable foliage.  Try hanging them from your front porch, on your deck, or from your gazebo.  Send us photos, we'd love to see!!!

*All topiary balls in this photo are 23" diameter, our XL size

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