What size artificial topiary balls should I choose?

Picking the right size topiary balls is an easy thing to do from us at 365 Curb Appeal as both of our popular sizes are quite large scale.   🌳 Our size L or XL are the right scale for outdoor decor whether you are placing them at your front door, in front of your garage or to accent your patio furniture.

If you want to make impact and have a large space, the XL size are brilliant.  👍They make a huge visual statement, even from a distance.  Make sure your planter opening is 12" or more.  They fit nicely in round or square planter openings.   

If your planter opening  is 12-13" or less we recommend our 16" size large topiary balls.   They are the perfect finishing touch and a great bang for your buck as they are sold in sets of two.  

You'll love the before and after difference where ever they are placed.  A huge bonus of course is not having to worry about maintaining. 😁


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