Will my topiary balls blow away???

If it's windy, you have to secure your topiary balls.  Here is how to do that. 

Secure to your planter - Place a heavy object in your planter, like a sandbag, a cinder block or bricks.  Tie or bungee cord your topiary ball to your heavy object.  

 Video on how to secure your topiary balls to your planters

Secure to your planter that is filled completely with dirt or with a shallow opening - Add the heavy inside of your topiary ball.

Secure to the ground - Pound two landscaping stakes (tent pegs) beside your topiary ball.  Use long zip ties to attach the topiary ball directly to the top of the landscaping stake.   

Video on how to secure the planter to the ground

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  • Rena Reid

    I have no idea what tent pegs or zip ties are. Do you have a video for this one also?

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