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Born out of 20 years of owning a cutting edge, award winning furniture store, 365 Curb Appeal was created. The focus changed to a product that could single handedly significantly improve curb appeal.  Effortlessly.  

I began researching, designing and producing high end, large scale topiary balls that fill planters all year round.  I sold at farmers markets, home shows and from my own home. I knew I had it right when my clients were coming back for more, & passionately referring me to their friends.
I'm confident that you'll love our topiary balls and the difference they will make to your home. 

Sara Stoner 

Founder Story

Click the video to watch Sara Stoner explain her story.  

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Family jumped in

After proving the topiary balls in the marketplace, the business grew. Our house was filled (literally) with topiary balls and people knocking on the door, coming for local pick ups in Calgary, Canada. I quickly needed my family's help when I couldn't keep up. My boys would unpackage, shape & zip tie topiary balls for local pick ups. You see the boys in some of our photos & videos. My daughter would assemble & deliver to customers homes, she's also our featured model on the website.  My husband Jeff jumped in to strategize business growth, he also is super fast at ball assembly. 😁
As the business grew, roles changed. My daughter is now shipping logistics manager, the boys just play, and Jeff & I are focused on growing the online business.