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Our customers have told us time and time again how much they love our topiary balls, and are looking for more and more areas to place them in.  It's because they are large scale, they look quite real - they make a big before and after difference.  Have a look at some of the photos sent in by our customers, they have used the topiary balls in such creative and inspiring ways.   Already have some of our topiary balls in your home? We’d love to share your photos! Send them our way!





Imagine your guests walking up to your home, you greet them at your front door.  They say a warm hello to you, look back at your planters and say "I love your planters, they are incredible".  It will happen, the welcome touch of color just brings a cozy welcoming feeling.   Your friends and neighbours will love them so much, they won’t stop coming over.  We hope you have nice friends and neighbours.  






Take your garden design to the next level by adding a cluster of carefully placed topiary balls to your garden beds.  They look spot on placed directly on the ground on top of  mulch or rocks.  Stake them to the ground, just like a lawn ornament to keep them in place.  You can also use planter pots throughout the garden if you'd like to add some visual height and interest.   We think you'll love the touch of added color, completion, and low-maintenance year round beauty. 






Our decks and patios are a respite, so keep your outdoor planters looking full and welcoming all year long.  Add them as an accent to your flowers in the warmer months, and as a sculptural topper for your flower pots, for the rest of the year.   You'll love  the added feeling of color and warmth, you just will.     







Let’s face it - front garages can be a bit of an eyesore, but you (and your neighbours) will fall in love with yours with your new ornamental topiary balls.  Imagine pulling up to your home,  the feeling of full colorful planters, the pride that these bring you. We hear from our customers daily, that they love their topiary balls, it's because of how they make you feel, they add a lot to your home.     






Gardening just got a lot more fun, and you’ll fall in love with our artificial topiary balls when you decorate them for the seasons.  We have loved seeing our customers creativity, the topiary balls really change with some added touches.   Think of adding pumpkins, and spiders for Halloween, & mums of course for fall .  Have fun adding fairy lights, large bows, or snowman accessories and garland for Christmas.  







If you’re looking for some plant life in your home, but don’t want the mess and fuss of dealing with live plants, add our topiary balls in a planter for a modern touch you'll love. Hassle-free beauty!  Bring color to your bathroom, calm to your office, and a statement piece to your living room with our faux topiary balls.