Jagged Purple Leaf Topiary Ball XL

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Loving the purple??  You'll love these topiary balls even more in person when you see the leaves are ombré , they start off black, and turn purple at the tips.  Gorgeous?  Yep.  Are they artificial?  You bet.   You have found a solution to add color & curb appeal 365 days of the year.  Add small white lights, and you have just added a Christmas touch.  

The extra large size makes impact,  they are noticeable, even from a distance.  They are 23" in diameter, perfect for planter openings of 12" or more.                         

Secure to a planter - place a heavy object at the bottom of your planter (bricks or a sandbag)  then bungee cord or tie it to your topiary ball.  Bob's your uncle, done.

Secure  to the ground - pound landscaping stakes (tent pegs) close to each side of ball. Zip tie the ball to the top of the stake.  Fast & simple. 


  • UV protected to resist fading
  • 1 year peace-of-mind warranty
  • No maintenance
  • 100% post-consumer materials, 100% recyclable
  • 23 inch diameter
  • Assembly required *
  • To assemble, place one sphere on top of each other matching up fastenings.  Pinch together fastenings with pliers one at a time. Be patient,  it is well worth the effort, you'll not only like them, you will love these. *