Winter Styling - Learn How to Build Topiary Snow Men!

Christmas snowmen made with artificial topiariesWe're getting our topiaries ready for Christmas with these snowmen, as well as some more classic holiday decorations to make your winter yard decor pop! Keep reading to learn how to make these snowmen with a few simple additions to your topiaries. If you have your own tips, send us your photos on Instagram Facebook, or email!

1. Gather your equipment! We used multiple sizes of the Better Than a Boxwood topiaries (medium, large, and extra large) for our snowmen, as well as a snowman decorating kit from Amazon, and a top hat from the dollar store. We also needed:
  • Zip ties
  • 2 x 4 foot high wooden pole per snow man
  • Mallet
2. Carefully pound the poles into the ground with the mallet, keeping them as upright as possible. This is the "spine" of your snowman!

3. Slide the spheres over the pole. For a classic snowman outline, use the extra large on the bottom, large in the middle, and medium on top. 

4. Using zip ties, secure the facial features and the "outfit" to the snowman. Use items from around the house, or use a pre-bought kit - this is your chance to get creative with it!

5. Optional: set up a spotlight or feed some fairy lights into the torso of the snow man to get a magical feel.
Once you've completed your Snowman, send us your photos! We love to see the new and creative ways you use your topiaries!

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