Better Than a Boxwood Sphere XL

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There is a reason we call this one - Nicer Than A Boxwood.  Boxwood topiaries have been in the market the longest, they are traditionally very lush dark green.

 Our Better Than a Boxwoods are larger in size (a full 23" diameter) and have more realistic leaves.    We simulated a leaf right out of our backyard, so they are more believable.  If you’re looking for something modern, simple and elegant to place in your garden, on your front step, or to fill out the back yard, look no further! 

Tip -  Try creating a stunning backyard design, by mixing the sizes of topiaries you use, place them right on the ground (amazing on top of rocks or mulch).   Fill various planters in the summer or winter, or  create a visual display along your driveway leading up to your home!

To secure sphere to your planter - place a heavy object at the bottom of your planter, then tie or bungee to the heavy object. Done, Bob's your uncle.

To secure sphere to the ground - pound landscaping stakes (tent pegs) close to each side of sphere. Zip tie the sphere to the top of the stake.

  • UV protected to resist fading
  • 1 year peace-of-mind warranty
  • No maintenance
  • 100% post-consumer materials, 100% recyclable
  • Assembly required *
  • * To assemble, place one sphere on top of each other matching up fastenings.  Pinch together fastenings with pliers one at a time.  It is well worth the effort, you'll love these.