A Sunflower Topiary Ball XL

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Sunflowers just give you a feeling, it's warm & sunny, it's bright & cheery.  Anywhere you place these huge sunflower topiary balls - will warm the area instantly.   Are they artificial?  You bet.  No watering, no pruning, and they are UV protected for longevity.  Both you and your neighbours will love the impact these make (they are large scale,  you'll be able to see them even from a distance.)  Consider placing these indoors during the winter to spice up your home with sunflower love -  if you live in a cold climate.    These are a limited edition topiary ball, so if you love sunflowers, don't hesitate.  


Secure to your planter - place a heavy object at the bottom of your planter (bricks or a sandbag)  then bungee cord or tie it to your topiary ball.  

Secure sphere to the ground - pound landscaping stakes (tent pegs) close to each side of ball. Zip tie the sphere to the top of the stake.


  • UV protected to resist fading
  • 1 year peace-of-mind warranty
  • No maintenance
  • 100% post-consumer materials, 100% recyclable
  • 21 inch diameter
  • Assembly required *
  • To assemble, place one sphere on top of each other matching up fastenings.  Pinch together fastenings with pliers one at a time. Be patient,  it is well worth the effort, you'll not only like them, you will love these. *